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We are a farmer-led nonprofit group that awards grant funds for applied research, outreach education, and economic development projects that help farms across New York become more profitable and sustainable
Project profiles
NYFVI and NYSFI Collaborate to Provide Social Media Training
Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are of increasing importance in business marketing, but many farmers lack familiarity with these new opportunities. As both agricultural enterprises and, often, direct retail marketing outlets, it is especially important that greenhouses engage in effective marketing. Recognizing this, Karen Hall, Director of the New York State Flower Industries, applied for and received a small grant from the New York Farm Viability Institute to present workshops designed to, as Karen says, "help our m ... Read more

Small Meat Processor Training with NYFVI Help
In working with farmers to meet the growing demand for locally-raised meats, small livestock processors often have to confront a dizzying array of rules and regulations. One of the biggest obstacles they face is that the USDA treats all facilities the same, whether they process 1,000 head per day or ten.

A series of training courses, now planning for their third year and organized by NY Farm Bureau and Cornell Cooperative Extension, aims to help small processors better understand one aspect of USDA regulation, the Hazard Analysis and C ... Read more