Grant Programs
The New York Farm Viability Institute offers several grant programs, which fund projects that address the many aspects of farm sustainability in New York State. Successful projects are as diverse as our farms, combining collaboration, farming knowledge, research skills, established networks, innovation, and much more, to contribute to the continued viability and vitality of farming in New York.

The 2015 Requests for Proposals for the AIC and OAR grant programs are now closed. The next grant round is expected to open in September of 2015. Before applying for funding, please read the Grant Program descriptions and Requests for Proposals, provided on the respective program pages. For all potential projects, the most important question to ask is "Will this directly improve conditions for New York farmers?". If the answer is yes, we encourage you to pursue the project and contact us.

Examples of previously funded projects in each grant program can be found in the Projects Funded section of the website.