Listed below are opportunities and barriers that were identified by farmer groups. This 2010 summary list includes high-priority items that are applicable to research, outreach, and education of the type funded by NYFVI. For reports on specific aspects of the industry, click for Greenhouses or Nurseries.

·   Better management and more efficient use of plant nutrients

·   Resistant varieties that will lower pesticide utilization and improve performance

·   Reduction of chemical use through predators, IPM, new spraying techniques, etc.

·   Reduce labor use through automation/mechanization (e.g., shrubs in containers, sod harvesting, high tunnel, slow-release fertilizer, watering, material handling)

·   Improved worker training (e.g. sanitation, language for non-English speakers, knowledge of growing things, pruning techniques)

·   Farm level value added processing and packaging

·   Getting a bigger piece of the consumer dollar through niche marketing, adding entertainment to the experience, more products or services

·   Rising energy costs for greenhouses (cutting into seasons, viability of certain crops) and achieving greater energy efficiency through design and engineering