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Promoting Profitable Meat Marketing in NY State with Practical Tools

Grant Program: AIC
Agricultural Sector: Livestock
Region: Statewide
Project Duration: 4/1/2015 - 3/31/2017
Amount Awarded: $99,923.00
Lead Organization: CCE
Project Leader: Matt LeRoux
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7/1/15 NY Meat Suite Expanding, Connecting Customers to Local Producers

Proposal Abstract

Direct channels seem to deliver higher profits because of high prices, value-added market characteristics, and shortened supply chain; however, most direct marketing farms fail to recognize the high labor demands that come with direct marketing and thus price their products inaccurately. This project improves marketing skills for livestock producers throughout NY. The project is informed by producer input and extensive research on livestock farm marketing channels, profitability, and market strategy. We propose a multifaceted approach to addressing common producer-cited barriers to profit and growth. Our online calculator enables livestock producers to accurately set profitable prices for meat sales in bulk or by the cut. The calculator guides channel selection decisions based on expected returns. The calculator also collects data for further insights; no such calculator or data collection exists currently. Strategic Marketing classes assist farms with a targeted marketing approach and identifying top markets. We also focus on expanding freezer trade, reducing marketing labor costs and the need for USDA processing. Freezer trade appeals to NY farms of nearly every scale. Each project component promotes efficient, profitable, and sustainable marketing practices. By project end, over 100 farms will have adjusted their prices, strategies, and markets for improved profits, leading to farm business sustainability, as well as the expansion of local meat in NY's regional food system.

Final Report Summary Statement

The “Promoting Profitable Meat Marketing in NY State with Practical Tools” project addressed farmer-identified pricing, marketing, and consumer education barriers to profit and growth. The project included marketing workshops across the state and launched the Cornell Meat Price and Yield Calculator, an online tool. For farms attending Profitable Meat Marketing workshops, 83% report intent to reformulate meat prices and 89% intend to adopt new marketing techniques. The project worked among consumers and farmers to grow the “freezer trade” of locally raised meat through events, advertising, and the online directory, MeatSuite. Over 25% of MeatSuite farms made new sales, including those newly listed. By project end, over 140 farms adopted profitable pricing and marketing strategies, and over 230 farms created MeatSuite profiles. The project’s estimated annual impact on local meat sales in New York is over $900,000 and components of the project will continue to serve farmers for years to come.

Project Impact Data

Producers Participating: 845

Producers Advising: 5

Research/Extension Employed: 0.83

Increase in Gross Farm Revenue: $955,621.00

Potential Industry Impact: $5,000,000.00

Articles/Publications: 26

Presentations: 7

Workshops: 11

Total Producers Engaged: 845

Leveraged Funds: $38,472.00





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